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Choose the Right Formal Shirts


Mens Suits and Occasion Wear

There comes a time every man's life where wearing or owning a suit is important, whether its a one-off event like a family members wedding, or maybe their very own wedding, or simply for the career job they've worked to gain. Suits are the classic wardrobe staple for each man and with a huge amount of importance and value put in them it is important to get it right first time. A man's suit therefore must be an investment piece, a wardrobe necessary that may be re-worked and worn in so many ways it's important to set things right first time. Though essentially a suit comprises of a jacket and pair of trouser made of matching colour and material this is where the fundamentals end as there are many ways that your personality may be shown by your suit. Some terrific tips to adhere to in choosing your first suit:

Colour- Be sure to acknowledge what colours match you most, not what colour you think a suit must be. Some men believe a traditional suit needs to be black and plain but with so many options now available on the market it is rare to see plain black suits on the man. Neutral colours like navy, grey and even brown are showing more popular between men, even though colour must suit the event! A black suit does have its place at a funeral but wouldn't be as appropriate in a summer wedding so consider the occasion before choosing your colour. Furthermore consider your colouring in selecting a shirt. Blonde or fair-coloured men suit lighter colours such as grey and charcoal, while darker feature suit brown and navy colourings. Consider a colour that suits your tones and be imaginative in selecting you first suit- they are a classic piece for the wardrobe and a coloured suit doesn't go out of style.

Shirts- Though not the key element of a suit, the shirt is just as crucial to take into account when dressing a suit. When you have chosen a designed suit i.e. pin-stripes, then it is advisable to pick a plain, block-coloured shirt to go with the suit as numerous patterns can visually over-work a suit and destroy the result. Shirts are by far the most adaptable portion of the suit because they can be worn without or with ties, open-collared or buttoned fully, based on the effect of the suit and also the event it's being used at.

Accessories- Buying your first suit doesn't only end with the jacket and set of trousers, accessories can then be included for excellent impact and a great way to add character to a suit. Cufflinks are often purchased as gifts for men and are a fantastic addition to every suit, placing dimension like a necklace contributes to a ball gown. Ties are another great way to dress a suit or add a cool twist to a formal celebration and are frequently used as a fantastic way to express character and add colour to a suit. Ties work the other way too and a suit can still look equally as formal and smart without any tie, worn using the top button open adding the more relaxed element to a formal suit. Handkerchiefs and waistcoats are also common add-ons for suits and are frequently matched at weddings to help make the men's suit appear more of a uniform for the special day.

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